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Top seller best d003 led drl

Top seller best d003 led drl

Top seller best d003 led drl

d003 led drl
1.Highlight,low power consumption
2.Transposition protect
3.Open circuit protection
Lamp Type
Car Make
Toyota Highlander
d003 led drl
Other name
best d003 led drl
Rated working current
≤ 300mA
Current stability
≤ ± 2mA (24hours)
Between 70-90LM (right and left strictly symmetrical)
Rated Input Current
0.8Ato1.2A (depending on style)
Total power rating
10W to 15W (depending on style)
Power consumption
About 10W
Operating temperature
-40 ~ 50 ℃
Detail Information

Top seller best d003 led drl

1.High brightness, low power consumption,

2.High-power LED lights dedicated radiators ,long-life protection

3.Original car style ,original car buckle bit, do not broke in original car, do not lose the original car functions, perfect installation,

mold shaping by original car experiment,100% installation.

4.materials on Plastic ,materials in accordance with the auto lamp for Shanghai Volkswagen

5.LED chips imported from Taiwan

6.Dedicated interface ,no need to cut wiring harness ,safe and convenient to installation

7.Using a dedicated controller drive LED ,effectively protect of the light source, long life ,when starting the engine ,daytime running

lights will turn on automatically, after turn on the night running lights(showing the wide lights)the brightness will become weakened

change to night driving mode automatically (you  can choose the turn off function).

8.Currently on the market mostly daytime running lights also with belt drive controller, but ACC line of some cars are  picked up in

the cockpit, the installation requires down-leads, time-consuming, our products just need to connect to the car's battery positive

and negative(grounding)to achieve the above functions ,fast and easy installation

9.Protection function :reverse polarity protection, open circuit protection

10.Water proof test type: After the rain simulation tests and immersion simulation tests on Salt spray test :passed the salt spray test

11.driving on daytime running lights, can reduce 32.6% of vehicles accidents, but also can reduce the 26.4% risk of death by the car


Top seller best d003 led drlTop seller best d003 led drlTop seller best d003 led drl


d003 led drl details 

1.Rated working current: 300mA
2.Current stability: ± 2mA (24hours)
3.Brightness: between 70-90LM (right and left strictly symmetrical)
4.Color :White
5.Rated input voltage: BATTERY12-24V
6.Rated Input Current: 0.8Ato1.2A (depending on style)
7.Total power rating: 10Wto15W (depending on style)
8.Power consumption is about 10W
9.Operating temperature-40 ~ 50 °C
10.Storage Temperature-50 ~ 80 °C


d003 led drl picture

Top seller best d003 led drl

Top seller best d003 led drl

Top seller best d003 led drl

Top seller best d003 led drl



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Top seller best d003 led drl


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Top seller best d003 led drl

d003 led drl

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Top seller best d003 led drl

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